13 AUGUST 1887, Page 3

Mr. Dillon, who seconded Mr. Labouchere's motion, of course took

the side of France, and scolded the British Government for its disregard of the French views. "France," he said," was covered with insult." Those who read the despatches, unless they belong to the Parnellite Party, will certainly not think so. We observe that the French Government is now throwing some doubt over the authenticity of the Count de Montebello'e Note to the Sultan ; but if the words which we are just about to quote were authentic,—as they most likely are,—the insult was all on the other side :—" Si votre Majest6 Imp6riale no rati- fierait pas la eusdite Convention, l'Ambassadeur de France eat antoris6 par son Gouvernement h dormer k votre Majeste Imperiale l'assurance cat6gorique et formate quo le Gouverne-

meut Prancers' pr6serrera et garantira votre Majeste vis.h-vis des cons6quences, quelles qu'elles soient, qui resulteraient de la non-ratification en question." A more cynical threat of war was never launched at the head of Great Britain;