13 AUGUST 1887, Page 3

The smouldering hostility between France and Germany is constantly giving

out puffs of flame and smoke. Thirty French officials living on the German side of the border have been given notice of expulsion from German soil ; and, on the other hand, a German toy-manufactory at Embarmemil, on French territory, has been closed, though it has since been per- mitted to reopen for three months' further work in order to give the German proprietors time to dispose of their stock. The papers of both countries are continually attacking each other, and a chronic state of insecurity is thereby fostered,—but there is no reason to suppose that at present the two Governments have the least intention of going to war. Indeed, the meeting of the German and Austrian Emperors at Gastein last Saturday and Sunday is supposed to have drawn somewhat closer the alliance of the North German and South German Powers, though we should suppose that this friendly meeting is rather the consequence than the cause of a closer political alliance. These meetings of Sovereigns are rather barometric indications of the approximation of national interests, than the influences which bring about these approximations. But the increasing friendliness of Germany and Austria will make France even less willing to quarrel with Germany than she would otherwise be.