13 AUGUST 1927, Page 1

News of the Week

TILE dedication last Sunday of the Peace Bridge over the Niagara River has done much to turn the adversity of Geneva to glorious gain. If the originators of the scheme for building the bridge had contrived the date to redeem the failure of the Naval Limitation Conference at Geneva they could not have chosen it with a more triumphant accuracy. Yet the choice of the date was nothing but a miraculous coincidence, dependent upon nothing but the happy fact that a hundred years of unbroken peace between the British Empire and the United States have passed on the unfortified frontier. Those who fail to see the meaning of the facts must be incapable of learning. Wars do not always, or even generally, arise out of confi- dent calculations of strength, for the weaker often pro- vokes the stronger, but out of anger, resentment and impatience. A psychological state is the clue.

* *