13 AUGUST 1927, Page 14


• [To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] ,

Srn,—I have read with great interest Mr. Norman Angell's article " Advertising and National Prosperity " in your. issue of June 4th, 1927, and should like to give my own experiences.. I came to the Union of South Africa approximately five-years ago determined to support Great Britain and to buy British machinery and equipment for my farm and household.. requirements. - . . • -As soon as I occupied my farm representatives of American, Cimadian, Australian;.German. and Italian firms visited, me.

I have been offered coneessions, • favourable terms, even-

demonstrations by these firms ; but, up to date, no repre- sentative of any English firm has visited me ! This includes the motor industry as well.

In accordance with my original intention I purchased some British agricultural machinery when starting. Practically the whole of this is lying derelict for want of spare parts.

Consequently, I have been forced to alter my method of buying and now purchase my requirements from firms who demonstrate their wares from kitchen utensils to motor cars, and insurance policies to photographic enlargements.—I am;