13 AUGUST 1927, Page 17

This Week's Books

TuE new suburbs rising everywhere are too often hideous. But they need not be, if competent architects are entrusted with the lay-out and given a reasonably free hand in the choice of designs, as at Welwyn. Site Planning in Practice at Welwyn Garden- City, by Mr. Louis de Soissons and Mr. A. W. Kenyon (Benn, 32s. 6d.), which has just appeared with a preface by Mr. C. B. Purdom, contains a sezies of plans and photographs of the new streets and closes which are attractive in themselves and inspire hope for the future of our towns. As a rule; the builder of a new suburb begins by cutting down every tree and bush, and then like a drill-sergeant plans his site in rectangular_blocks. The Welwyn architects on the contrary have tried to preserve the natural features of the site and to impart a charming variety to their streets and houses. The photographs attest their success.

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