13 AUGUST 1927, Page 19

Children's Books Reviewed by Children

Dr. Dolittle's Caravan. By Hugh Lofting. (Cape. 7e. 6d.) I no think that Pippinella's story was interesting. I think the book' is 'very nice indeed; but I think that the green finch was unkind to poor Pippinella when he married the other green finch instead of her,'when he promised to marry her. And 1 do -Wish that the book had said where the window- eleariei went to. -I am-so sorry for -poor Pippinella, when the tramp took her away, when she had just found the window- cleaner again. But I. am so glad that Dr. Dolittle bought her instead of the cock that was singing so beautifully when he passed the animal shop. I am so glad that Dab-Dab got the doctor to go. back to Puddleby. .1 do think it was kind of the doctor to send the lion; the leopard 'and the elephant biiCk to Africa, Where they came froM. I do think Dr. Doliitle's

Caravan is a good name for the book. The sheep dog was silly to think that Jip, Swizzle and Toby were chasing Gub-Gub and not the hare at all. I do think that Harris was horrid and ugly and I am sure that he was like that.

The picture of Gub-Gub choosing an apple to eat in bed is nice. The picture of the canary opera orchestra is funny. And the picture of the two canaries sitting on the kettle is nice too. And I do like the picture of Gub-Gub at the dinner party very much.