13 AUGUST 1927, Page 2

Protests against the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti the Italians

who have been lying under sentence of death for six years in Massachusetts, have been made in various countries in various ways. Some have been orderly, others, as in past years, have been violent demonstrations accompanied by the explosion Of bombs. Bomb outrages have occurred in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Buenos Aires. In New York the explosions occurred in railway subways ; in Philadelphia, Emmanuel Presbyter, ian Clurich was wrecked ; at Baltimore the explosion was in the house of the Mayor. General strikes, which seem to have been ineffective, were called in some of the Republics of South America. In Paris the demonstra- tions were orderly. At Casablanca the American flag was burned. Popular feeling has run strong in Italy, and . Signor Mussolini has instructed a local prefect to ififorni the father of Sacco that 'he has' done .everything- lie can, within the liMits of international procedure, to save Sacco and Vanzetti from execution. In London on Wednesday night abotit ten thousand people marched to the' American Embassy. As they refused to disperse, the police, mounted and on- foot, made charges. Abont fifty perSons were injured, but apparently in a sort of pahic attempt to escape rather than directly at the hands of the police, who behaved with their usual patience.