13 AUGUST 1927, Page 2

The action of the British delegates at the Conference of

the International Federation of Trades Unions in Paris. was a supreme illogicality. No doubt they do not believe that they have misrepresented the- feelings of.the. British Labour movement to the. whole world, but this in effect is what they have done. The Continental delegates at the Conference voted Mr. Purcell and Mr. Brown out of the posts of President and Secretary. •. On the motion of the German delegates Mr. George Hicks was then elected' President. . By -the, constitution of . the Federation the President must be British. The meaning of all this was- that Mr. Purcell and Mr. Brown were considered unsnitable* by the Continental delegates because they stood for a Muscovite policy-. The Federation is, of course, known as the " Yellow " International as contrasted with the Third or " Red " International of Moscow.