13 AUGUST 1927, Page 2

The whole political situation in the Free State has been

transformed by the deciSion of the Republicans to take the oath of allegiance. The vote ofthe party at 'an excited Meeting in Dublin on Wednesday ni4ht was unanimous. Mr. De Valera and about six other diehards held out, but ultimately yielded on the ground that a small minority could not bind the party. The new. legislation of the Free State Government, which in*, &litany requires every candidate for the Dail to pledge himself to take the oath of allegiance, clearly threatened the Republicans with extinction. There will now be a very curious situation in the Dail.. The arrival Of forty-, five Republicans will overthrow the balance of power on which Mr. Cosgrave's Government rests. The defeat of the Government would be certain before long, even if it tried to carry on. It is said that the Republicans will give general support to a Labour Government, though they will not hold any offices. The idea is that a Labour Government will demand a . modification of the oath. Meanwhile Mr. Cosgrave is pressing forward his legislation with all his energy. He made a whirlwind speech in the Senate on Tuesday, declaring that come what might he was determined that crime should be stamped out in Ireland. The Government would " meet violence with violence." They had made up their minds, and they would not draw back.