13 AUGUST 1927, Page 22

WANDERINGS IN ANGLO-SAXON BRITAIN. By Arthur Weigall. (Hodder. and Stoughton.

8s. 6d.)—The well-krioim Egyptologist who recently wrote a popular account of Roman Britain has now turned his attention to the Anglo-Saxon period. Any writer who can induce the general public to take an interest in our history is to be encouraged, and for that reason we may commend Mr. Weigall's readable though very superficial sketch of the subject He describes incidentally some of the more im- portant Saxon buildings, crosses, jewels and other objects that remain, and gives many photographs and drawings of them.- -It is now well recognized that the literary evidence must be supplemented by long and careful archaeological research before the early history of the Anglo-Saxons can be placed on a firm basis. We could therefore have wished Mr. Weigall to devote still more of his space to Saxon antiquities and less to the chronicling of kings and battles.