13 AUGUST 1988, Page 51

Comic strip

TO CHRONICLE the reactions of women to a male striptease was altogether trickier. Paul's first stab at infiltration, dressed in wig and mini-skirt borrowed from a great aunt, came to a sticky end. He had forgotten to remove his jacket and tie and was turned away, amidst threats to sum- mon the local constabulary. He was thus forced to go the 'whole hog'. Soon 'Porky Paul' was topping the bill at a hen night in one of Iver's most prestigious nightspots. From the unbuttoning of the waistcoat to the throwing down of the sparkling `pouch', the assembled ladies laughed until the tears rolled down their unbristled cheeks. 'For women,' Paul was now able to write from experience, 'pleasure and laughter are inseparable.'