13 AUGUST 1988, Page 51


BUT too few people realise that Paul also has a serious side. In last week's essay, he touched upon something which is, to my mind, very serious indeed. 'It is signifi- cant', he wrote, 'that men at a striptease show sit in solemn silence whereas women watching a male strip laugh all the time.'

It is by now well known that, aside from his considerable skills as a humourist, Paul is our very best investigative journalist, bar none. Some readers may doubt that a man as industrious and prolific could find time to haunt the striptease bars of darkest Bucks, pen and notebook to hand. But they would be wrong. I feel sure that for months before that sentence was penned,

the familiar fiery hair and cheery face of our leading wag could be seen above the saloon-bar smoke at the Thursday lunch strip hour in the Dog and Duck down Iver way, chortling heartily while his confreres sat in solemn silence.