13 AUGUST 1994, Page 37

Solution to 1169: The jet set


o a 0 ii I 011311110CI A ROo annoRAHIONEAD NOMEMS A El D Aa E tmcImINCOuRnug Miloar A 0 riffilleirin


lanAnOidn0FOOC drinpra OMMOCOR Inadirinni rld S O L D E WI A ©M r El IL I S

S T R A' It ,011111E R I ES

T riffigirinrECII 0 0 drinanTERDMRNnn

The unclued ights were various components of a JET engine.

First prize: S. Hines, Birmingham; Runners-up: Philip 011eson, Nottingham; Louise Parmee, King's Lynn.