13 DECEMBER 1834, Page 1

The Doctrinaires have triumphed in the French Chamber of Deputies.

After a debate of two days, the following resolution, proposed by M. HEAVE,. a Ministerialist, was adopted by 134 to 117.

" The Chamber' satisfied with the explanations of the Government respect- ing its policy, and finding nothing therein that is not conformable to the prin- ciples laid down in the address, passes to the order of the day." And it is also worthy of notice, that this resolution was not adopted in preference to one of censure, but to a motion of M. SAUZET, the Deputy from Lyons, who was to have been a member of the Duke of BASSANO'S Ministry, to the effect simply, that "tile Chamber should pass to the order of the day," TRIERS distinguished himself in this debate by two eloquent speeches ; of which the last, delivered on Saturday at the close of the debate, was the most effective. "It was M. TusERs," says the Chronicle's correspondent, " who in a short, spirited, closing speech, resuscitated the old Conservative Ministerial spirit of the Chamber, and, amidst the acclamation of the Centres, decided the majority." It was expressly avowed by THIERS, that the policy of the Government was that of "resistance to the Movement :" the same time, he fully admitted, that the support of the Chamber was indispensable to the maintenance of the Ministerial system. The speeches of DUPIN and the orators of the Tiers Parti seem not to have answered the public expectation. The Extreme Left voted against the Ministers, but did not join in the debate. DUPIN declared that a seat in the Cabinet had been repeatedly offered to him, but that he had refused it on the ground that the nominal President of the Council was not allowed the free use of his "attributes." It is said that TALLEYRAND has resign/42, embassy to London, and the Duke de BROGUE is spoken of '

successor. --;- /Ac-- •