13 DECEMBER 1834, Page 16

A piece of plate, consisting of a richly-wrought salver of

the value of seventy guineas, has been presented to Dr. James, the late Curate of Caine, in Wilts, by his friends, as a testimony of their high respect for the able, zealous, and faith- ful discharge of his duties as a Christian murister.—Standard. We rejoice to have such facts as these brought under our no- tice. What a contrast to the forcible levy -of Church-rates in England, and the dragooning of the Irish Catholics into payment of tithes! If the Establishment should be overthrown in the struggle which the Tories are now provoking with the masses, the virtuous and attentive clergymen of the Church would be the very last to suffer from the disaster. So far, indeed, from suffer- ing, in a vast majority of instances we are persuaded that the working clergy would be great pecuniary gainers. Their incomes would no longer be extorted from unwilling contributors.