13 DECEMBER 1834, Page 16

On Monday evening last, the Duke of lirellington steam-boat, on

her pas- sage from Newcastle to Shields, owing to the darkness of the night, ran foul of a ship's cable, and knocked down the chimney, which fell on one of the pas- sengers on the deck, who was killed on the spot. More of the passengers were injured, but not seriously.—Sunderland Herald.

This is a bad omen. We hope it is not typical of the Duke of WELLINGTON'S future proceedings on land. It seems quite in his Grace's line, however, to run foul of people and knock them down. Knock-down arguments are those he best understands. The right way, said Blackwood, to lay a popular dust, is to lay it in blood—kill people on the spot. But perchance, should his Grace come in contact with the hardy Reformers of the North, be would not escape without injury, like the steamer which bears his pugnacious name. Those colliers and weavers have an ugly habit of giving two blows for one, The Duke had better think twice on this subject