13 DECEMBER 1834, Page 16

The Standard, on Wednesday, had this observation in refe- rence

to the fancied reaction in the country in favour of Toryism- " We must not preach, but we cannot help saying, that the present Con- servative feeling of the country is a benefit scarcely traceable to human causes, and fraught with blessings beyond human hope."

This is another way of saying that it has pleased God to work a miracle for the purpose of restoring the Duke and his Lieutenant to the Treasury. We must not speak profanely, or we should say that it will require miraculous interposition to keep them there for any length of time. But, seriously, was there ever such a delusion? The Tories have not dared to call a meeting in any of the principal towns since the dismissal of the Whigs, in order to ascertain the real opinions of the people. Hole-and-corner meetings are now, as heretofore, their resource. Their addresses are got up privately, and hawked about for signature. In the only large town where they have challenged their opponents to a fair contest—Birmingham—they have been beaten by an enormous majority. And yet, in the teeth of all these notorious circumstances, the organ of the High Church party gives its readers to understand, that the conversion of the country to Toryism has been so rapid, that human causes are not sufficient to account for it!

Fanatics of all religions are disposed to refer events to the special interposition of the Deity in their favour. Their reverses are trials, their victories "crowning mercies whatever happens, they are the favourites Heaven. It would seem that even in the present day there are fanatics among the Tory politicians. If, as is almost certain, the Tories should be defeated in their present audacious attempt to arrest the progress of Reform, will the Standard impute the victory of the Liberals to the special favour and aid of Satan?