13 DECEMBER 1834, Page 17



The Causes of the Corrui Oat of Christianity. By the Reverend Robert Vaughan, Professor of Ancient awl Modern History in the University of London. Jackson and iraTord. Tin Ammar.%

Wander.ngs by the Seine, from Rotten to the Source. By Leitch Ritchie, Esq., . Author of " Heath's Picturesque Annual," &c. With twenty Engravings, from

Drawings by J. M. W. Turner, Esq., RA. Longman and Co. METAmtvsics, Lectures ou Intellectual Philosophy. By the late John Young. LL.D., Professor of Moral Philosophy in Belfast College. With a Memoir of the Author. Edited by William Cairns, AM. Professor of Logic! and Belles Lettres in Belfast

College Whittakty and Cu. ; Reid and Co., Glasgow. ARCNiTacTURS.

Elementary and Practical Instructions on the Art of Building Cottages and Houses br the Humbler Classes ; awl an easy method of Constru ling Earthen Walls, equalling those built of Briek, and at a considerable saving. Ti, which are added, Pract hat Treatises on the Manufacture of Bricks and Lime, oil the Arts of Dig. ging Wells awl Draining. Sze. Sec. By William Wilds, Surveyor, Hertford. Weak.