13 DECEMBER 1834, Page 6


ta writs. ta writs.

On the 29ill ult., at KVEllp .he Lady GEUROIANA CATHCART, Of t daughter. On the 4th inst.. in Clia,les Sleet. Lerkeley Square, the Lady of Dr. SEYMOUR, of S On the 15:11 of Oe.oher, near Malta, the Lady of the lion. GROROE A. SPENCER, of a ditug"itee. m the IS II l.:,•■■:ember, at the Cape of Goci hope, the Lady of Sir JOHN HLRSC.N6Ins K.G.H. of a daugo.er. On the 9.11 inst.. at Sonterby, near Melon Nlowbray, the Lady of the Rey. G nTAVC- BURNABY, Of On the 8th at I laifielil ti.. a if,' of :he Rev. 1CNS.tMt$ PitLE, of a daughter.

On the 8th iost„ at Ilighgage, .he Lady of D. ALt:-ANsAH IttmonstorsT, L,q., of a daughter.

On the 7th inst., at Brook Green, Hammersmith, the Lady of the Rev. Enwsari WICKHAM, of a son.

On the 9th inst.. at Charlton. Kent, the Leily of the Res. ARTHUR DRUMMOND, of a son. MARRIAGES.

On the 4:h inst.. at Prest bury, W1L..IAM CHARLES TOW:ESTI:I>, Esq., A.M., Barrider, at..Law, and Recorder of Macclesfield, to FANNIT, daughter of Ric.iard Wood, ij Westbrook, near Macclesfield.

On the 9.11 inst.. at St. James's Church, Lieut. GEORGIC MANNINO, R.N.. eldest SIM of Henry Mating, of Wonford House, Hetaa. Esq., to Lama J'ax3, daughter of the late William Fowler Jones, of Ashurst Park, Ken:, Es...

On the 9th inst., at Trini.y church, Cla IlY plla ALFR.E9 JONES, Esq., of Lower Gros. Tenor Street, .0 MART, only child of S. Hiliat4 Esq., or Clapham Rise, Surry.


On the 30th ult., his Highness Mace FREDERICK WILLIAM CHARLES Lots of Hesse Philips hal, at Copenh..;;en. On ihe 211 tits't., at Beckenham, Kent, Major-General the Hon. GRANVILLE ANSON CnErwrisn Sraturolats, in his 7';.h year.

On :he 3,1 at Ousden Hall, Suffolk, the Rev. J. T. Ilallo. M.A., Rector of Ousden, in Ws rtill year.

On the $j IS, at his house, Fiadrassie (N.B.), Colonel ALEXANDER GRANT, CB., of !lie Hon. E.,st India Company's Seri ire. On the 5th inst., at K illeneere, near AtIllooe, in his 5341 year, Major fienetal la it, PATRICK MURRAY, C.11„ only son or the late General the lion. James Murray f(urnerly Cove.mor of Quebec, and one:wants ut Minmca (luring its memorithle siege.

On the 3(1 ins: • in Lower Mount Street, Dublin, General Sir A. of a sudden attack of e.vsipelas.

On the 7 I liSt,, ai.er is few weeks' illness, in Charlotte Street, Bluemsbury, Jona GORTON, Esq.. ii hie cad ear. On doe Sill inst., at Hackney, in his 63(1 year, JAMES COURT, Esq., late Sec.etary to the Tend. v House.

On the 10th inst., at his residence, Denmark Hill, SHITy, JOHN JowsTP. Erq., it, his 80th ear.

On the 8th inst., at Glasgow, the Rev. E ewAne IRVING. AM, in his it?.(1 yeaz.

Oti the Cdh inst., Jour; Woos, Esq., of Ceilgioce, an old and teepee:4:d Magistrate for Sussex.