13 DECEMBER 1834, Page 8


Although the appointment of Sir ROBERT PEEL to the Chancellor- ship of the Exchequer is the only one gazetted, the Standard this evening informs us that the following gentlemen are also to have Cabinet offices— The Marquis of CHANDOS,

Sir Enwaan KNsseitaULI.,


" The cast of offices," the Standard adds, " is not yet finally arranged, nor have the Cabinet offices of the Peers been all fixed."

Of the persons above-named, the first arid second are known as bigoted Tories, supporters of the " agricultural interest," but utterly destitute of official experience or business•like talent : Sir Emistan KNA'TCHBUI.I., however, has the advantage of venerable years—sixty or seventy. The next is a gallant, fiery soldier, just the person to keep the front of a BERESEORD turned towards the enemy, but disqualified by habit, temperament, and education, for the Minister of a free people. Next comes Sir GEORGE MURRAY ; whose broken pledges, and the derisive complitnents of the House of Commons as he returned from the Lobby, are so freshly remembered in Perthshire. The last of the lot is Mr. HENRY BARING : who or what he is, few have the luck to know—he must be one of the rat Emus:Gs : possibly he may have flung his legs about on a high stool in his uncle ALEXANDER'S count- ing-bouse—or is HENRY a misnomer ? can it be the veritable POLITICAL JANUS himself ?

Such are Sir ROBERT'S chosen : the " cast " of their several parts will be determined, we suppose, by lot.

"We cannot (says the Standard) submit to lose a day in affording to the country the gratification and confidence which it will derive from know- ing- that the following :Members of the House of Commons have been named fur Cabinet offices."

This is the Liberal, the Refirming Cabinet ! Who can wonder that even the Conservative Whigs, as they are called, shrink from it as they would from a pestilence ; and that the sensible Tories, at the clubs this evening, are shaking their heads, and pronouncing the whole thing " a failure ? "