13 DECEMBER 1834, Page 9

Lord Roslyn, it is confidently reported, does not go to

Ireland, and Lord Cowley is named as Ambassador to Paris.— Chronicle. IL is desirable that all the principal men in office should be in one or other of the two Houses of Parliament. Now Mr. Horace Twiss is said to be designed fur Colonial Secretary, or Attorney-General, or something very great ; we have not, however, heard that he is to be made a Peer : in fact, it must be so obvious that he would injure himself by accepting a Peerage—just as Lord Chatham did. and as people say Lord Brougham has—that there can be no doubt he would refuse It if offered to him. Then of course he must contrive to get into the Lower House ; and let the public judge whether his friends are not playing him false, when we tell the world that they have put him on standing for Brid- port ! Yes ! when, according to their own accounts, nine-tenths of the Reformers m England are to be turned out to make way for Tories—when the counties are 3:tually going a-begging for placemen to represent them—when th.: Metropolitan constituencies are craving for Conservative candidates to turn out Mr. Hume, and Mr. Grote, and Mr. Clay; when all the Treasury seats are ready to elect any one whom his Grace may recommend—when nearly the whole represens tation of Great Britain and Ireland is open to the Conservatives to sack at pleasure—Mr. Horace Twiss is sent down to knock his head against the impe. retrable walls of Bridport ! Bridport, which is the very fortress of Radicalism ! Bridport, which is a colony of Dissenters ! Bridport, in which the " mischievous middle classes " are uncontrolled ! Bridport, which even before the Reform Bill, used to return Mr. Warburton ! Bridport, where Captain Astell failed ! Bridport, where the voters are not to be got over with beer—nay, not even with ale! It is a burning shame—it is a wanton sacrifice Of Parliamentary existence —it is grievous, that Twiss should be thrown away by the Duke with no more remorse than if he was one of the rank and file.— Globe.