13 DECEMBER 1851, Page 9

The Protectionists made a demonstration at the London Tavern yes-

terday, to/else the cloud which hangs over their party,—to clear and make firm a policy lately rendered doubtful and wavering by recent Protec- tionist speeches; to whip up and invigorate the leaders, and to hearten the rank and file throughout the country. But the object of the demon- stnttion must have been, badly answered. The Earl of Stanhope could not be restrained from such insinuations of party treachery, and " mis- leading," that the, Earl of Malmesbury, while he would "not con- descend to contradict them," felt obliged to beseech his hearers to "dis- pel fiein their minds any suspicions which they might possibly enter- tain." Mr..George Young smoothed matters over; and the Earl of Derby and Mr. Disraeli were again commissioned with "full power to

act." -