13 DECEMBER 1924, Page 1

After a summary of the facts about the new Anglo-

German Treaty and the Treaty with Italy, which cedes to Italy a portion of Jubaland, an unexpected announce- ment was reached. This was that the Prince of Wales had been invited to visit the Argentine next year and that the invitation had been accepted. The opinion was next expressed that the key to industrial progress was to be found in the closest co-operation between Great Britain and the Dominions and India. Accordingly further preferences on goods from the Dominions would be proposed, in accordance with the recommendations of the Imperial Economic Conference. We may say here that the Prime Minister has in specific terms repeated his pledge that he has no intention of introducing Protection, and will not try to use preferential tariffs " as the thin end of the wedge." Of course, it may be said that the effects of a wedge are beyond the control of the person who inserts it, but we are quite sure that Mr. Baldwin may be trusted to keep within the borders of his promise so far as he possibly can.