13 DECEMBER 1924, Page 2

By a curious coincidence, just before the assassination of the

Sirdar, the Government addressed to the League of Nations an energetic note warning the world that interference with British interests in Egypt would not be tolerated. Specifically it was pointed out that interven- tion by the League invoked by Egypt would be " unac- ceptable." Lord Cecil, in a speech on Friday, Decem- ber 5th, interlined the significance of this warning, -and declared that as at every point British action had been fortified by international statute, earnest supporters of the League should be the last people to want to put the League in an impossible position. With all this we quite agree, but we arc still strongly of opinion that though there was no room for the League to take part in the swift provisional settlement which necessarily followed the assassination of the Sirdar, it will be most helpful to us to obtain the approval of the League of whatever settlement we may finally reach. •