13 DECEMBER 1924, Page 3

The present Reichstag will have 493 members. There- fore a

clear majority .is 247. It will be seen that the parties of Republicanism and Fulfilment secured a fairly clear victory over the Monarchist and intransigent parties, and just secured an absolute majority of the full house. Thus we think it fair to say that the German Elections have resulted in a mandate of reason and moderation to whatever new Government is formed. Certainly the centre of .gravity in the new Reichstag has shifted from- the two extremes; which have lost badly, towards the centre, which hos gained, and has finally come to rest perceptibly to the Left of where it was in the old chamber. After all, no great turnover of opinion could be expected in seven months, since the last Elections were held. Some Government will in the end be formed, and the one thing which is obvious is that from wherever it draws its support, it will have to be of a moderate and temporizing character, which in the present state of Europe may be no bad thing.