13 DECEMBER 1935, Page 1


rrilHE details of the arrangement for the partition of Abyssinia, proposed by M. Laval and Sir Samuel' Hoare on Sunday, are still -as we go to press a matter of speculation and guess-work so far as the public is. Concerned. That exchanges of territory between Italy' and Abyssinia, said to be to mutual advantage; arc Suggested is known, for Mr. Eden said so in the House of Commons on Wednesday. Abyssinia would get a port 'Which might be the Italian Assab, in which case the communications to it would be under Italian control, or the British Zeila, and a vast area in the south would, while remaining under AbysSinian sovereignty, be handed over to a cluiilcrel company for economic exploitation' in the interests of :Italy. The final judgement on .such, propoSals depem is on details, of which nothing is known. Does the ex(.11:Ing{e of territory involve, as is confidently rumoured, the annexation by Italy of a large part of the proVince of Tigre 1 The formation of a-chartered company is habitually a prefiale to annexation. Is. that. danger: to lie effeelively averted in this caseand can it be, fort lie. complications with Italy—by the appbint-' miient of a League High ComMissiOrier in supremecontrol ? 'hew questions Are" of the 'first importance, and ".the answers to them are still to seek.

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