13 DECEMBER 1935, Page 16

A Vegetarian World More indirectly that committee has been interesting

itself in vegetables of the edible sort ; and one society, at any rate, formed to make people more " vegetable-minded," has copied the Floral Committee's form of leaflet ; indeed there is co-operation with the Ministry and British growers. At a meal given in London at the end of November no fewer than fourteen sorts of vegetable were served, with chicory as the most notable separate course. It is admittedly one of the best and most wholesome of vegetables and as rare in England as it is common in Belgium. At a luncheon given by the. Wine and Food Society, in connexion with' the Floral Committee, a calendar of home-grown vegetablei was distributed ; and I think the number of vegetables available in the winter and spring months will surprise a great many gardeners and caterers. The January list, for example, stretches to twenty-eight sorts. Some few perhaps are not quite fairly included ; but a round score remains. Vegetable-growing within Britain is increasing both in scope and quality eit a rapid rate. The industry grows more and more important. It is now the eonsuiner rather than the producer Who needs education.