13 DECEMBER 1935, Page 16


Floral Publicity .

The ingenious and beneficent activities of the Flowers, Plants. and Vegetables Publicity Committee are worth a wide circula- tion. The committee is a relic of the defunct Empire Market- ing Board, which might well have enjoyed a longer life. Its latest adventure has been a model garden set up , at the Charing Cross' underground station. It has enjoyed great popularity and must have helped many people to. become " flower-minded," which is the prime object of the committee: This specimen garden, very neatly displayed, is designed to show just what sorts of trees and shrubs may be successfully grown in any garden, in town or country. They are supplied with a certain amount of garden furniture and devices for garden design, by British firms, co-operating with the Ministry of Agriculture. The little leaflets issued by the committee are very valuable aids, particularly to the .stickit gardener, especially in indicating the better species and varieties. The whole thing is very well, done and very well imagined. It is, I think, a compliment to our civilisation that Government departments should busy themselves with (lowers of mind as well as flowers of speech. We have become a race of gardeners. Even in the depths of the financial crisis, so a great grower of carnations said to me, this business never showed any sign of wilting. Flowers have taken deep root in our civilisation.

* * * *