13 DECEMBER 1935, Page 2

M. Laval and the Leagues M. Laval's dramatic victory in

the matter of the politi- cal Leagues is in jeopardy once more. It was not surprising that the offers, admirably stage-managed, of M. Ybarne- garay on behalf of the so-called Fascist Leagues, and of M. Leon Bltun on behalf of the' Left; to disarm all the Leagues completely and equally should have provoked angry protestations from large sections of the. Leagues themselves. That could have been ignored, for Colonel de la Rocque, leader of the Croix de Feu; seems to have stood loyally by M. Ybarnegaray's pledge. But the French Chamber is incalculable in these matters. M. Laval, drafting hasty legislation to give the fOrce of law to the undertakings, provided wisely that the question of 'whether a League was illegal should be decided by the courts. Immediately, however, an amendment was moved and carried, placing the decision in the hands of the Minister of the Interior, in conjunction with the Coun- cil of State. This, of course, in effect substitutes political action for judicial, and leaves the door open for every kind of Lobby agitation. The Senate is likely to restore the original text, in which case the Chamber will be called on to revoke its decision, and may or may not consent to do so. The French Premier has still, therefore, a dangerous vote of confidence before him.

* * *