13 DECEMBER 1935, Page 20


TILL SPECTATOR.] SIR,—As some of your readers May have learnt from the daily Press, I have undertaken, on behalf of the Women's Advisory: Council of the League of Nations Union, to 'raise sufficient. funds to send a fully equipped Red Cross aeroplane to Addis Ababa. I have taken this action in response to a most urgent.' appeal from Lady Barton, the British Minister's wife, who has been largely instrumental in forming the Ethiopian Women's Work Association for the purpose of Making bandages and surgical dressings. The medical services with the Ethiopian Army are still lamentably 'defective; and we are assured that nothing is more needed than an neroplan6", which will take medical supplies from Addis Ababa to the front. This would mean delivering supplies in three hours instead of in five weeks if they are sent by caravan.

A powerful aeroplane, a De Havilland Dragon, is now being overhauled and fitted for this arduous work, and we are fortunate in having secured the services of Air Commodore Fellowes of Everest fame to fly it to Addis Ababa accompanied by another experienced pilot, Captain Hayter, who will remain in the service of the Ethiopian Red Cross. Once 'it is in Abyssinia the aeroplane will be able to help all the Red Cross units, including our own British unit. It should be ready to start in a week.

So far little more than half of the 23,000 required for this undertaking has been receiVed. I most earnestly beg your readers to send me at once anything that they can afford for this noble purpose. Cheques should be addressed to me (Viscountess Gladstone) Red Cross Aeroplane Appeal, 15 Grosvenor Crescent, London, S.W. 1.—Yours faithfully,

36 Phillimore Gardens, IV. 8. DOROTHY GLAOSTONE. [We cordially endorse this appeal.—ED. The Spectator.]