13 DECEMBER 1935, Page 42


The accounts of the Armstrong Siddeley, Development Company for the year ending September 30th last are, of a thoroughly satisfactory character; the combined net profit of the company and its subsidiaries 'excee.ds £300,000. The profits..actually.. distributed by the subsidiaries. •together: with other income, gave the company a net profit, of £175.,857, being an increase for the year of £24,723. After payment of an Ordinary dividend of 10 per cent.—the uriaximinn allowable under the agreement for the sale otthe'.'shires to Hawker Siddeley—the carry-forward is £158,072, compared with £72,170 a year ago. The company's interests have madelgood progress during the past year, and the..Report states that expenditure of considerable sums in developing the' business of subsidiaries expected to bring additional profits.