13 DECEMBER 1940, Page 16


S1R,—In reply to Mr. D. E. Auty's letter on the Price of Milk published in your issue of December 6th, I would say at once that his figures are not in accordance with the facts.

Whilst December figures have not been decided, in November, 1940, the farmer received an average of about is. sod. per gallon while the distributor sold at as. 8d. Readers will therefore see that there was a difference of sod, per gallon and not 2s.

Milk may be treble the price it was a generation ago, but it is a fallacy to suggest that the welfare of the consumer has not received proper consideration. Lord Perry's own report indicates that, if anything, the service to the consumer is too elaborate and should be curtailed.

In connexion with Mr. Auty's suggestion that milk should be cheapened in the interest of increased consumption, surely he must have heard of the National Milk Scheme designed for this very purpose and which enables every mother having children under five years of age to purchase milk at zd. a pint or to get it free in necessitous cases. Obviously this compares most favourably with prices ruling a generation ago.

In regard to the last paragraph of Mr. Auty's letter, I am unaware of any intermediate agencies which could be eliminated. In my opinion those that do exist, viz., the creameries and wholesalers, are performing an essential national service in balancing quantities and supplying retailers in thickly populated areas far from the service