13 DECEMBER 1940, Page 5

Having once embarked on the incredible story of the deportation

to Canada, and internment there, of Mr. F. G. Friedlander, Fellow of Trinity, I must pursue it to the end— if an end ever comes. The mystery of why, when the Home Secretary announced on October 24th that a communication had already been sent to Canada ordering Mr. Friedlander's release, Mr. Friedlander should have had to cable a month later that no such communication had arrived, is now ex- plained. It appears that the ship carrying the Home Office letter (or postcard, for all I know) conveying the necessary instructions, was detained on this side of the Atlantic for some time after its usual date of sailing. The Home Office is either unacquainted with the cable service or considers cabling too good for refugees, however distinguished. Stranger and stranger—and more and more intolerable.