13 DECEMBER 1986, Page 34

Ghanaian readers

Sir: As a Ghanaian and a regular Spectator reader, I take exception to M. Fraser- Allen's letter 'Flight of fancy' in your 15 November issue.

What is this letter intended to convey? That even West Africans are capable of appreciating the Spectator? This seems a little like the man who complacently says that his dog is capable of walking on its hind legs, and with an almost human expression! I know quite a number of Spectator fans in Ghana. The standard of writing is second to none, even though the opinions expressed frequently cause gnashing of teeth. But then, many of your columnists go out of their way to provoke, and that is half the fun.

I do not get the impression, however, that M. Frazer-Allen was out to provoke, but that he was genuinely amazed to find your journal evoking signs of appreciation from a native! So much for the Nobel Prize for Literature!

E. K. Nyamekye

13 Powis Terrace, London W11