13 DECEMBER 1986, Page 34

Greene on Rothschild

Sir: I wonder if Mr Graham Greene can shed any light on the proceedings in Australia? Near the end of Brighton Rock, Ida Arnold . . sang softly to herself over the stout — "One night in an alley Lord Rothschild said to me. . . ." ' She was waiting for Phil (Philby?) Cor- kery, the initial of whose surname placed before Ida's initials hints strongly at Amer- ican involvement. Moreover, the pro- tagonist is called Pinkie and his girlfriend's name is Rose. Is there a stone here that should not be left unturned?

You may feel that it is none of our business, but as Ida said, 'It's the business of anyone who knows the difference be- tween Right and Wrong.'

A. R. Evans

52 Gloucester Crescent, London NW1