13 DECEMBER 1986, Page 34

Safety in the Tunnel

Sir: Congratulations to Ian Waller on his excellent article on the Channel Tunnel (Tire down below', 22 November). As he rightly emphasises there is a real danger that crucially important issues, such as safety in the tunnel, will not be adequately scrutinised because of the Government's wish to get the legislation through Parlia- ment as fast as possible.

It is because I believe that the Select Committee did not give sufficient attention to key issues such as safety in the tunnel and the London terminal at Cheriton, that I have published a minority report chal- lenging some of the main conclusions of the majority of the Select Committee.

Among other points, I have called for further consideration on the scope for improving safety by segregating passengers and vehicles in the tunnel, and for dispers- ing more of the tunnel traffic to destina- tions throughout Britain rather than de- pending on a single terminal at Waterloo.

I sincerely hope that these important issues will be considered fully before the Bill completes its parliamentary passage. Hopefully, as Ian Waller suggests, the House of Lords will step in where the majority of the House of Commons Select Committee failed.

Nick Raynsford MP

House of Commons, London SW1