13 FEBRUARY 1830, Page 4

CITY RCSINESS.—The Common Council met at Guildhall on Thursday, for

the despatch of business. Among other matters, the coal-monopoly was talked Over. It was a question among some of the members, whether the pre- sent high price of coals was owing entirely to the monopoly which the coal- lords enjoyed, or whether the price was not enhanced by the monopoly of the coal-meters. It was hinted by Mr. Richardson, that the Common Council had no particular wish to abolish the latter kind of monopoly. The mem- bers had all, he believed, relations who were anxious to profit by it. Mr. Charles Pearson gave notice of a motion for the reduction of the allowances of the officers of the Corporation, from the Mayor downwards. The fitness of Mr. James for the office of Secondary then came under the notice of the Court. His conduct had been under the consideration of a Committee : their report, which was produced, termed his conduct injudicious and in- temperate, but acquitted him of "moral guilt," and recommended that no farther proceedings should be taken. An amendment was, however, moved and carried, for farther inquiry.