13 FEBRUARY 1830, Page 4

The Committee of Congress have delivered their report on the

subject of the American Tariff. The report states that the majority of the people throughout the United States are hostile to its repeal. Don MIGUEL has, after trying in vain to borrow money, laid the various orders of monks tinder contribution, to the extent of 150,0001. His troops, it is alleged, are levying contributions on the highway. The Emperor PEnao has refused to ratify the loan which the Mar- quis of BARBACENA contracted in this country. The Emperor was overturned in his carriage lately, and had his ribs broken. The Em- press and the Queen of Portugal were with him at the time; the Empress escaped unhurt, but the little Queen suffered severe contu- sions. Three frigates have been bought from the United States for her service ; and Lord COCHRANE, it is alleged, is to command them in an attack upon Lisbon. If the Queen of Portugal have friends, they will be found in the capital. Such an attack will set the ques- tion of her right at rest.