13 FEBRUARY 1830, Page 4

The House of Commons sat on Monday till nine ;

on Tuesday till half- past twelve ; on Thursday, till one nearly ; on Friday, till half-past eleven. Ou Wednesday, the Houses met only to adjourn. On Thursday, the House of Lords did not meet at all ; on Monday, it sat about an hour ; on Tues- day, upwards of two hours ; on Friday, upwards of five hours. Mr. Brougham has vacated his seat for Winchilsea. His motive is said to be, a wish not to be considered pledged to support the measures of Govern- ment, of which the Marquis of Cleveland, whose nominee Mr. Brougham was, has intimated himself an adherent. The learned gentleman, we be- lieve, comes in for a borough under the Duke of Devonshire's influence. Mr. O'Connell has given notice of a motion, for the 25th of February, to bring in a bill enacting" that truth is not and shall not be a libel." The Earl of Glengall has taken the oaths and his seat as a Representative Peer of Ireland.