13 FEBRUARY 1869, Page 14



have read with much interest the letter in this day's Spectator relating to New Zealand. I am unwilling that your powerful advocacy, which may do so much good for that colony, should be injured by any important and serious mistake ; will you, therefore, in some manner correct the following most important error?

Your correspondent complains that native lands can only be sold to the Government. That system no longer exists. The Government does not now purchase lands from the natives. Upon the 17th of May, 1865, a proclamation was issued abolishing the previous system, and concluding with these words :—" Now, therefore, I, the Governor, do hereby revoke all commissions authorizing the purchase of land on behalf of the Crown from the aboriginal inhabitants of the colony of New Zealand, and do proclaim that the Native Land Purchase Department will, from and after the date hereof, be done away with and cease to exist."

No purchases of land except, I believe, in two exceptional cases, have since that time been made by the Government. —I am, Sir, &c.,

February 6, 1869. G. GREY.