13 FEBRUARY 1904, Page 22

friend the Brigadier Gerard. It is true that he belongs

to a quite different class of adventurers. He is the very opposite of the virus militaire ; he has grown grey indeed, but it is in the service of Revolution. Seldom has that service been more varied. Jean Antoine Stromboli Kosnapulski was busy in Paris in the '48, and is able to explain why the falling dynasty made no effort to keep itself erect. He was busy as a filibuster in the early days of Cuban discontent; he did, or tried to do, something that should be in accord with his patronymic of KosnapuLski ; and he had some characteristic experiences in a Central American Republic. His latest revelation introduces us to an intrigue between the Irish Nationalists and the Senussi. To put the matter in a few words, "Stromboli" is a highly entertaining person.