13 FEBRUARY 1904, Page 23


[Under this heading we notice such Books of the week as have not bus reserrod for review in other forms.] eaesarius. Bishop of Arles. By the Rev. A. Cooper-Marsden. (Oldroyd, Rochester. 5a. net.)—The purpose of this volume is (1) to state the arguments for Caesarius's authorship of the Athanasian Creed, and (2) to set forth the theological position and the work generally of St. Caesariva. Caesarius was not a thoroughgoing Augustinian but the Canons of the Second Council of Orange, at which he presided, do not leave much room for human responsibility. The account of his attitude in respect of asceticism is highly interesting. The Canons of the Council of Arles are specially worth studying, as it had for a special object the discipline of the clergy. No clerk twice married or married to a widow was allowed to minister. (This means clerk under the order of deacon ; for the rest, it went without saying.) Deacons and priests were to be exhorted not to live with their wives. (It would have been well to explain what was the rule of Siricius de presbyteris et diaconis qui ad ccmiugalern torum revertuntur.)