13 FEBRUARY 1904, Page 24

Of periodical volumes we have received Kelly's Handbook to the

Titled, Landed, and Official Classes (Kelly's Directories, 165.), appear- ing for the &irtieth time. After some hints as to the etiquette of addressing, &c., we have an account of the Royal Family, lists of Colonial Governors, &c., of the Houses of Parliament, and of persons possessed of some hereditary or personal distinction. This last list covers between fifteen and sixteen hundred pages, and contains, one may conjecture, more than twenty thousand names.—Debrett's House of Commons and Judicial Bench. (Dean and Son. 7s. 6d. and 10s. (3d. net.)—There is a list of Members of the House, and also of Counties, Boroughs, with the polls taken at the last election. A list of Peers and Peeresses follows, and an alphabetical list of persons holding judicial offices in the United Kingdom, the Colonies, &c.—London Diocese Book. Edited by the Rev. Glendinning Nash. (Spottiswoode and Co. is. 6d. net.)—The Financial Reformer's Almanac. (Simplin, Marshall, and Co. is. and Is. 6d.)—The policy recommended by the Almanac is well known to our readers, as are also the arguments by which it is supported. We should like to see something more definite about the cost of the South African War. It is quite true that this country paid a far larger proportion of it than did the Colonies. The question is rather what classes in this country were specially burdened for it.—My Lawyer : an Up-to-Date Legal Adviser. Bya Barrister-at-Law. (Effingham Wilson. 6s. net.) —We doubt whether the responsibility of employers is as fully set forth as is desirable. A first inspection of the book does not indicate the fact that any person employing a gardener is liable to compensate him for injury done in his service, for the conse- quences, for instance, of a fall from a tree.—The Public Schools Year Book. (Swan Sonnenschein and Co. 2s. 6d.)