13 FEBRUARY 1909, Page 1

The St. Petersburg correspondent of the Times announces in Friday's

paper that the Russian reply to the Turkish counter-proposal was made known on Thursday. It expresses gratification at the acceptance in principle of the Russian offer to meet, by a remission of the war indemnity, the difference between what Turkey demands as compensation from Bulgaria and the amount Bulgaria is willing to pay, and it promises to give a very friendly consideration to the Turkish counter- proposal. Russia. considers, however, that means ought to be found to compensate Turkey at once in order that she may have the money she requires for reform, and in effect replies that the Turkish demand for a compensation of more than £5,000,000 is inadmissible. The correspondent thinks that in the end Turkey will accept the Russian offer, which provides an advantageous arrangement for the liquidation of the war indemnity. Meanwhile the recent changes in the Turkish Cabinet, particularly the new appointments to the Ministries of War and Marine, have produced violent resentment in the Committee of Union and Progress. The. Constantinople corre- spondent of the Times, telegraphing on Thursday, states that the organ of the Committee has virtually declared war on the Grand Vizier, who dismissed the Ministers of War and Marine, and also on the Liberal Party, which has been increasing in Power. Many sensational rumours are current. The corre- spondent advises us to receive them all with caution ; but it is olear that the materials of a crisis exist, and we can only hope that they will be carefully handled so that a crisis may be avoided.