13 FEBRUARY 1909, Page 12


ere TUR Herron Or TIM SP KRI'ATOILl SIR,—What is the matter with the Old Country P Can she not see that the battle for Free-trade is almost won P Why does she run from the field when the iniquity of Protection is rapidly being exposed in both the United States and Germany P I have almost daily intercourse with Americans, and nothing is more plain to me than the fact of the silent hate of Protection,—a silence which will soon give place to a very audible eruption. Mark my words! So soon as the United States passes the one hundred million of population, Free-trade will be absolutely essential to her further progress; and she will pass that mark within fifteen years. You are blind I blind !! blind !!! in the old laud to the essence of what is passing elsewhere.—I am, Sir, &c,,