13 FEBRUARY 1909, Page 2

Mr. Ian Malcolm sends to the Times of yesterday week

further particulars of the case of Mr. Charles Clarke, of Graiguenoe Park, near Thurles, Co. Tipperary. Mr. Clarke la a permanently resident Irish landlord who never evicted a tenant, and who has sold all his land except a thousand acres which he keeps as a pleasure-ground and works as a home farm. It is for this that he has been denounced by the United Irish League, who are determined to make his life unbearable, and have boycotted not only him, but the hundred employees dependent on him, to whom he pays £1,000 a year in wages. Mr. Ian Malcolm has recently visited Mr. Clarke, and describes the state of siege in which he lives, with four detachments of Policemen living on the demesne and patrolling it all night long. Even his wife cannot go outside her gates after dusk without armed police protection ; while a couple of hundred Police line the streets of Thurles to enable him to reach the Courthouse in safety. This state of affairs has been going on fbr weeks, and meantime, " while the boycotting loses to Rolycross and Thurles about £400 a year from Mr. Clarke's employees, besides the large orders formerly given by Mr. Clarke himself to local tradesmen, making £1,000 a year in all, the cost of all the extra police falls upon the rates." Further details contributed by Mr. Malcolte to the Times of Tuesday go a long way towatda justifying his assertion that " under the present Government certain parts of Ireland are more dangerous and difficult for a loyalist to live in than any part of the Empire, however savage and uncivilised."