13 FEBRUARY 1909, Page 2

The Irish Nationalist Convention opened at the Mansion House, Dublin,

on Tuesday, in the presence of a crowded gathering of delegates. Mr. John Redmond having moved a resolution in approval of Mr. Birrell's Land Bill subject to certain reserves, Mr. William O'Brien rose to move a strongly worded and hostile amendment, but met with almost continuous interruptions. The temper of the audience grew more and more excited, and after a good deal of scuffling, Mr. Crean, M.P., one of Mr. O'Brien's supporters, was forcibly ejeeted from the platform. Finally, Mr. O'Brien bowed to the storm and left the platform amidst the groans of the delegates. Mr. Ginnell, M.P., the hero of the cattle-driving movement, was also howled down, and Father Clancy, Mr. O'Brien's seconder, was denied a hearing. Mr. O'Brien's amendment received little support, and when the resolution was put, Mr. Redmond announced that only ten had voted against it. The support of the Parliamentary party is now assured for Mr. Birrell's Bill, but, in Mr. O'Brien's words, " the incident cannot end in this room," and the extremists and the guerilla leaders (including Mr. Healy) may be expected to give Mr. Redmond some anxious moments before they have done with him.