13 FEBRUARY 1909, Page 24

Nobler Cares. By George Hare Leonard. (Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

ls. net.)—Mr. Leonard here prints a paper which lie read to the Livingstone Society in Oxford in November, 1905, which he has read elsewhere with sundry changes, and now gives in its original form. It is a very eloquent and touching appeal for help in social work. Perhaps the gist of it may be best given by a quotation :—" I most sincerely believe that God calls many to the service of Science, of Art, of Literature, of Affairs. The whole of learning's 'crabbed text' has to be mastered, the world of beauty unfolded, the mysteries of science solved. Men are still wanted to serve God in the State.' We are 'called' to these things But I believe also in a vocation to the direct service of our fellow men." And it is only too possible, to take the illustration which Mr. Leonard himself has used, that a man may turn away when the call comes to him, because be has "great possessions," not of money maybe, but of art, or learning, or science. No one but will be better for reading this book.