13 FEBRUARY 1909, Page 24


[Under this heading we notice such Books of the souk as have not been reserved for 'oviet° in other forme.] Mr. Punch's Pageant, 1841-1908. (Ernest Brown and Phillips 103. not.)—The Exhibition of original drawings, &e,, to which this volume served as a guide is now closed. But, unlike most catalogues, which become waste-paper when their immediate use has ceased, Mr. Punch's Pageant remains an interesting volume. It is, in fact, a catalogue raisonnf of some six or seven hundred sketches which have appeared in Punch during the sixty-seven years of his prosperous career. Of these there are thirty-seven illustrations. And in it are enumerated, sometimes with detailed description, various other articles connected with the periodical. There is the famous "Round Table" at which contributors, literary and artistic, and proprietors have dined for now two-thirds of a century, with the letters which each new "knight" carves upon it. Those who wore fortunate enough to see the Exhibition will prize the volume much, and those who failed to do so possibly still more.