13 FEBRUARY 1909, Page 25

That Rock - Garden of Ours. By F. Edward Hulme. (T. Fisher

Unwin, 10s. Gd. net.)—This should meet with a welcome from many amateurs. A rock-garden is a possession that is possible where space is limited. You may make it a very fine thing indeed if oircumstaucos favour ; but even with narrow means it may be well worth having. As to the making, and what is more important, the replenishing, Professor Hulme has much to tell us. We cannot help feeling a certain dislike for the "enthusiast who takes the train for a few miles out into the country and arms himself with a trowel and an old biscuit-box." He does not go into "some desolate saltmarsh" and carry away "one plant of thrift from the hundreds that surrouud it " ; he goes into a half- suburban lane and carries away the last primrose root.